Basic Policy Benefits This covers any medical and hospital bills incurred in the event of an accident and on some carriers include dental costs as well.
In the event of damage to your luggage or property like a mugging, this covers the costs of your loss.
If for any reason beyond your control you miss your flight or departure time, this reimburses you for the cost on a new ticket or transfer. This includes the breakdown of public transportation and or private vehicle.
Depending on who your insurance carrier is, this covers the loss of important documents like traveler's cheques or credit cards or other documents.
Covers personal injury or death in the case of an accident during your travel.
This is coverage that pays out medical costs of injured parties or damage to third-party property due to an accident aside from your own.
Reimburses the costs credited to you in the event of loss or theft of your passport including accommodation costs incurred while getting a replacement passport.

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